Yesterday' s post made me think it would have been nice to suggest you some of my favourite YouTubers, so here' s a little selection of my favourite channels to learn the making of basically anything.
Audfaced is in my opinion one of the most creative and talented make up artists on the web. She' s got a lot of fantasy and her videos are always beautiful both for the content and their making, she' s an endless inspiration for me. Check out her channel at
Tarteofraises is a very skilled french nail artist, through her videos you' ll be able to learn a variety of techniques to have beautiful, elegant and colourful nails. You can find her english channel at and I also suggest taking a look at her blog full of beautiful and inspiring pictures at
Here' s my knitting bible on YouTube, you can usually find an answer to any doubt you might have on Knitwitch' s channel. You can find her here and I' m pretty sure you' ll enjoy her videos, always very clear.
If, like me, you really suck when it comes to hairstyling, you really want to check out Bebexo' s Channel here She' s my hairstyle' s little fairy and I actually think I was able to make a decent french braid following her tutorial once or twice.
Last but not least Hilah' s lovely cooking channel, which you find here You can find tons of nice recipes here, I love the vegetarian ones and I' m sure you' ll be delighted as much as I am by the nice presentation and the super easy tips you can find in any video.
Now what are you waiting for? Watch, learn, enjoy, unleash your creative self and go make something beautiful!

07/30/2012 4:47am

I LLLLLLUUUURVE Audfaced... I'd like to keep her in my poket and ask her "will you be my bestfriend?" but she'd probably run out... not before kicking my a** though!
And now I'm off watching the knitting bible, I am in dire need of one!!!

07/30/2012 11:29am

I love her too, I think she might actually be my favourite youtuber at the moment now that you make me think of it...! :) We could keep her in one pocket and Rachel Brice in the other ahahah! XD


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