_In my language we have a saying that roughly translated sounds like "if you start well you' ve done half of the work". These words seem to resonate well with me today. I' ve always been a perfectionist and I spend an infinite amount of time thinking about my projects before actually starting them. As a result, half of the times I never start them. This website has been on my mind for a while now - a space to share all my ideas, my inspirations, my knowledge, and in my mind it already exists full of colours and richness: the pages bloom with my drawings, my posts, my pictures, my videos, there' s a cute little e-store where you can buy e-books, e-courses, guided meditations, homemade cosmetics, there is a place where we can meet so you can learn to do your make-up... Of course it is going to take some time to take that website full of inspiration from my head and fantasy to the real world, through these pages, but the important thing is today I just started it. I don' t care if it' s not perfect, if it' s not complete, if it' s not everything I want it to be right now, what matters is that it' s here. I welcome with joy, pride and an open heart this new creature of mine and I invite you all to this little place to watch step by step what' s going to become.

07/03/2012 9:46am

"I don't care if it's not perfect, if it's not complete..."... but it's part of you, it's you, this is the only thing that counts! And I'm so proud and happy to be able to share all of this with you!! Congrats hon' :-)

07/03/2012 10:39am

Thank you so much Simo, I' m so glad to have your support! :)

07/06/2012 12:38am

Hi sweetie!
Here's something for you:
hope it also helps to make this new place grow ^_^

07/06/2012 8:10am

Thank you so much sweetie! <3 You know how much it means to me to have your support! ^_^


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