Lately I' ve been experiencing a strong and permanent urge to create. I feel compelled to do something creative everyday, whether it' s making something from scratch with my hands, playing with make up, writing, painting... I am trying to committ and find at least a moment everyday I can devote to art in any form. What you see in these pictures is what happens if you leave me with a free day, some brushes, lots of make-up and false eyelashes. You can click on the pictures to see their larger versions.

I felt like trying to paint on my face this creative spark that has been blessing me lately. I tried to give shape and colour to this inner life and dance, so vivid and magnetic, I just surrendered to that part of myself who' s always wild, alive and free, I just let her move the brush and pick the colours and the textures. I really loved the final result and I loved taking all the make-up off as a reminder that a spark is an ephemeral thing to be nurtured and kept alive every day with love and committment.

Here are some things you can do to keep being creative:
  • Play with make-up, of course.
  • Paint with and on whatever you have at home.
  • Get a book of mandala shapes to colour.
  • Create a new recipe with whatever lies in your fridge.
  • Take a tour on Pinterest to get inspired.
  • Schedule your days so you have at least a moment every day you can devote to some creative project.
  • Watch some DIY videos on You Tube.
  • Decorate any item with your favourite nail polish.
  • Pick a nice exhibition to visit during the weekend.
  • Find a nice e-course to learn something new.


07/30/2012 4:45am

Love the Mad Hatter's eyebrows! XD
I like (and already do) all of your bullets in your creativity list... basically anything can inspire creativity, shredding paper too (let's unleash our inner cats, everybody!), I mean, creativity is everywhere to be found :)

07/30/2012 11:31am

Ahahah we should totally do a shredding paper day and make it a tradition every year or so! :)

08/04/2012 10:21am

Sei bravissima come sempre!!!!
Come avevo detto, non capisco tantissimo l'inglese e quindi i miei commenti non saranno tanti però quando posso li lascio più che volentieri.


what a creative blog it is.i have never seen this type of creativity before it.its very colorful and awesome.few things that you have shared about to being creative is very helpful.thanks for sharing with us.


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